10 years of music production and sound design exploration
Getting into design through sound
To me, digital design is not just about visuals but also about sound. Early in my life, I discovered electronic music by listening to artists of the French Touch like Daft Punk. When I was about 14, after a family trip at Ibiza, I bought my first MIDI controller and downloaded Ableton Live, a Digital Audio Workstation. I started producing electronic music with softwares, MIDI controllers and hardware machines such as drum machines and synthesizers. During high school, I spent a lot of time producing music alone or with friends on evenings and weekends, playing at friends' parties, and creating websites about music. As I was more and more interested in creating websites and launching projects online, I moved to Paris after graduation to study Computer Science at HETIC. It was the beginning of my design journey.
During my studies at HETIC in Paris, I produced music on my spare time under the aliases Osphoz, Alex MZ or 20 Pixels, and experimented by mixing sound with motion design or VJing. I also contributed to webzines like beatalair.com and worked at OOO Communications, the agency who worked on the communication of several collectives, clubs and concert venues in Paris such as La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Sonotown, 75021, Le Glazart... I worked on press relations and press releases, social media, content, websites, events organization... I met a lot of people interested in electronic music, music production and DJing and ended up creating a collective to promote the local scene through podcasts, live events and online promotion. I created Montreuil Zoo, managed a team of 5 friends, and finally created around 100 hours of exclusive content, organized live events in Paris, and created a community of around 3k people. You can see below a video of event where I performed (you can see me in the first 15 seconds), some tracks I produced, some photos and flyers of events where I performed, and some motion and VJing experiments.
You can see below some flyers for events where I performed under the aliases Osphoz or Alex MZ.
You can see below some a live painting made during an event and a VJing video.
Producing music and exploring sound for so many years, while launching projects like websites or creating a collective to record podcasts and organized events for sure taught me a lot. I obviously learned a lot of technical stuff but I also learned so much about entrepreneurship, design, people, about crafting emotional products, marketing those products, creating communities... It also helped me develop my creativity or my out-of-the-box thinking, and my ability to learn things and solve problems by myself.